Writing Mentorship

Sometimes it can seem very daunting writing an article for an established journal like the American Journal of SPHM. It is easy to find excuses not to write, such as never having enough time or not feeling the work you have completed is of interest to other people. Often the real reason for not writing is the fear of never having written an article and of not knowing where to start.

The editorial board of the American Journal of SPHM is very keen to encourage and support new authors by offering support to help you with the planning and writing of your article. By contacting the Editor-in-Chief Heather Monaghan and asking for a mentor, Heather will assign a mentor who is from your professional field and has experience in the area you are interested in writing about. Your mentor will do anything but write the article for you. When you are published you will feel that all the effort and time you put into the article was so worth it!