Background to the Journal:

The American Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM) was launched in March 2011 at the 11th Safe Patient Handling Conference in Orlando, Florida. Since then, it has become the leading specialist journal for the latest research, literature reviews, evidence-base, and clinical practice in the field of safer patient handling and mobility in the USA and beyond.

Our readership is representative of all the professional groups involved in SPHM including nursing, therapy, risk management, ergonomics, safety, education, and research and is particularly popular with those who are responsible for leading the implementation of SPHM programs whatever clinical environment they work in. The last eighteen months has seen a gradual increase in our international subscribers from as far away as Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Canada with a subsequent increase in the manuscripts being submitted and published from these countries.

As the American Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (SPHM) evolves we remain responsive to the needs of our readers. In September 2012, the first supplement to the main journal focusing on Sling Safety, developed in partnership with the American Nurses Association (ANA), was published. This is the first of many planned supplements working in collaboration with a variety of associations to offer the best for our readers and their members.

Having successfully published seven successful issues, the journal is in the process of becoming indexed on some of the major nursing and medical literature databases. Also, accessibility to the articles has been increased by the introduction of the online shopping feature where individual articles and back copies of the journal are available for online purchase.

As we begin to see a gradual shift in the emphasis of safer patient handling and movement toward its integration into the wider concept of patient safety, mobility, and clinical patient outcomes, the American Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility will continue to be representative of the changes in the industry, providing readers with the information they need to be as well informed as they can be in this area of practice.

We welcome your suggestions for the future.